Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does JG Calendar have SMS notification?
A: Yes, JG Calendar have SMS/text notifcation for cleaner/team when a new job added or remove from the calendar. 

Q: How do Host find a cleaner on this site?
A: On the left panel, Host should see an option "Find a Cleaner" and follow the steps. Host will have the option to add a new property or use an existing property to find a cleaner. After Host submit their search for a new cleaner, that project will be posted on the marketplace and cleaner will in the local area will see it and bid on the project. Host will have the option to message the cleaner and interview them before adding them to the team. 

Q: How do Host pay cleaner after they completed the project?
A: Your cleaner will need to accept the project first then after the day of guest check-out date or project end date, you should be able to see an entry in the Payout section under Generated Payout tab that awaiting for you to pay. You will have the option to change the payout amount or cleaner that you want to pay out. You can pay your cleaner using credit card that's on file.

Q: When do Cleaner recieve their money after Host pay them?
A: Our billing department will payout to Cleaner every Monday and Thursday. Please make sure your Cleaner add their bank account info if they want to use this service. JG Calendar will direct deposit the payout amount directly into the cleaner bank account.

Q: How do I give my cleaning company access to my booking calendar?
A: After you add your property and import your calendar from all the platform (Airbnb, VRBO,, etc.), you can select My Team on the left side panel, select Invite Teamate, and follow the steps by steps prompt. Your cleaner should recieve an invite to sign up via sms text message or email. After your cleaner sign up, they should see all your booking schedule. Please contact us if you're experiencing any issues.

Q: Who should I report to if I see a software bug?
A: Since we just launched this product, we encouraged everyone to report any bugs that they see to [email protected] so we can get it fixed right away.